Night Birds – Roll Credits 12\”/ 7\” Box / CD (Fat Wreck)

This New Jersey punk outfit have been treading the boards for ten years now but after a decade of rocking out they are showing no signs of slowing down and this new 12\” record is living proof of that. Night Birds maintain a catchy balance of high-energy American punk rock (think Adolescents, Descendents or New Bomb Turks) throwing in some scratchy Dead Kennedys style guitars and keep things mixed up by adding an occasional haunting surf-rock tune. Coming from Jersey they must be used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life and musically they reflect this by cramming as much as they can into as short a timeframe as possible. So whilst these songs certainly don\’t lack depth or flavour, none of them are longer than three minutes. There\’s a cool nod to the old school with Jerry A from the one and only Poison Idea lending his throat on Onward to Obscurity which leaves you breathless in its wake. Other tunes such as I Need a Torch are pure melodic punk rock genius. I have yet to be disappointed by a Night Birds record and this new release maintains their incrediblly high standards and to be honest, they have to rate as one of the finest contemporary punk bands doing the rounds at the moment. They really are that good. Tom Chapman

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