Neurosis – Pain of Mind (Reissue) (Neurot)

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When most folks think about Neurosis, they think of the dark, crushing metal behemoth that the band evolved into, but when I think about them, Pain of Mind is the record that immediately springs to mind. This is my Neurosis, an unfettered, unchained bruising Hardcore monster that drew as much inspiration from Crass, Rudimentary Peni and Discharge as they did from Black Flag and the Dead Kennedy’s and, and in doing so forged their own brand of brooding Hardcore. Originally released in 1987, Pain of Mind was Neurosis’ debut album and while, musically at least, it bears little relation to their later material, it’s still a punishing calling card that thirty years after it initially made the scene stand up and take notice of these Bay Area bruisers, still sounds incredible. Some wise sage once said that lunacy and genius are separated by a fine line and if that is the case, then Pain of Mind is the moment that Neurosis began to perfect their balancing act. History beckons…  Tim Cundle

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