Negro Terror – The Bootleg (Imperial Dynasty)

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I almost never scroll through YouTube just to see what I can find. There’s just so much shit to sift through that it just doesn’t seem worth my time. On a whim I broke out of this rut and scrolled down the list of things that YT was suggesting I might like. When I saw the name Negro Terror I took a chance and fired up the video. Voice of Memphis grabbed me from the very beginning and I loved it enough to immediately buy the full EP. The Bootleg is a fantastic listen. Negro Terror’s blend of punk, hardcore, and metal (Limb From Limb is damn near death metal) is refreshing and it’s great to come across a band that stands out from the hordes of bland rock. The their name indicates, all of the members are African American, which is probably why their music feels slightly different to the norm, in the same way that Living Color, Body Count, Bad Brains takes on the usual scene fair didn’t follow the standard pattern and rules. They plan to release a full-length album in May and I know it’s going to be fucking amazing. Jim Dodge

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