Negative Vibes – Broken Mind (TNT Tunes)

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Don’t know too much about this lot other than they’re very well named. Comprising their 12 song ‘Broken Mind’ album from 2018 with a bonus 6 track Self-Titled EP from 2017; NV specialise in fast angry HC with nothing exceeding the 3 minute mark. It’s so negative they make John Brannon seem like a sunshine coated unicorn. With song titles like ‘Powered By Anger’, ‘When I’m Dead’ and ‘Monday Euthanasia’ it’s pretty clear what you’re going to get from this Polish 4 piece. If I’m picking holes maybe it’s the overload of uh… Negative Vibes; it all feels a bit helpless and defeated but if Negative Approach is your Hardcore touchstone this is probably right up your alley.  Ian Pickens

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