Napalm Death – Logic Ravaged By Brute Force EP (Century Media)

The UK’s finest exporters of grindcore brutality are back with a two song E.P to give everyone intent on attending their upcoming tour with Eyehategod and Misery Index, another reason to part with their cash. And part with it they should as Barney and the boys have delivered, as they always do, a pair of blinding new tracks. Logic Ravaged By Brute Force represents Napalm Death at their best, combining influences from all realms of heavy music and spitting them out in the way only they can.

The title track has something of an industrial feel to it with Danny Herrerra hitting those drums like they insulted his mother. Barney Greenway, as we all know  all too well, is a force all unto himself and show no signs of letting up as he passes into his fifties veering in between Burton C Bell-esque spoken vocals and total John Brannon style vehemence. Second track White Kross continues in much the same vein, but there’s a dark underbelly of black metal in the guitars, giving the listener an uneasy time of it.

There isn’t much more you can say about a Napalm Death release, they just do what they’ve always done and give you a fresh kick in the face with every new release. Were you expecting something different? Were you looking for an operatic part, or a hip-hop interlude? If so, you are barking up the wrong tree my friend. Napalm Death are a god damned institution, consistently raising the bar and churning out the best in grind/extreme metal and Logic Ravaged By Brute Force is just further evidence of that. Never change guys, never change… Chris Andrews


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