My Turn – Buried Inside 7” (Grim Reality Records)


There’s something kind of fun about randomly stumbling across a band that you’ve never heard of before, especially when said band make you take a step back while muttering a heartfelt “Whoa…” to no-one in particular. My Turn, from Greece, are one of those bands that make even a cynical, jaded, middle aged Hardcore kid like me smile, nod appreciatively and daydream about the glorious mayhem that they almost certainly whip up when they hit the stage.

The three tunes on Buried Inside feel like a brutal collision between the bands that originally put Victory Records on everybody’s map back in the nineties, or as they’re more commonly known Strife and Snapcase, and the dance ‘til you can’t slam no more groove of NYHC luminaries like Underdog and Leeway. These chaps have got it going on and then some and they’ve got one heck of a bright future (that’ll hopefully include at least one headlining gig on the main stage at This Is Hardcore) ahead of them.  All together now… Go! Tim Cundle  

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