My Life in Books… Marios Eracleous


Marios Eracleous talks to Mass Movement about the books that influenced and shaped his life and career…

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe By C.S Lewis I chose this as my first book. I had an amazing primary school  teacher called Miss Clarke (may she rest in peace) and she told me about this drama series called ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and I fell in love with it there and then. Magical creatures and another world. What’s not to love? I loved the descriptiveness and powerful plot. Four children destined to do one thing.

Peace At Last By Jill Murphy My career in in Early Years so when I first began training as a Nursery Nurse I chose this book to read to the children and have been reading it ever since. I even have a special signed copy as well. 

Murder on The Orient Express By Agatha Christie  I fell in love with the exploits of Hercule Piorot and his adventures but what grabbed me the most was the Murder on the Orient Express. Captivating and enticing characters through and through.

Agatha Raisin  (Series ) By MC Beaton  What a character, a woman in her prime getting into all sort of scrapes. I love the wild and wacky stories. This is such an escapism. Plus I love the Cotswolds as I have a friend who lives there. She got me into the series.

The Bees By Laline Pauli  Bees. A story about Bees. Nuff said.

The Jump By Martina Cole  I chose this because this is my first crime novel and I was drawn into the world of the east end. Martina’s way of writing empowered me, hard-hitting crime.

Percy Jackson By Rick Rioridan  All about Greek Gods this author is very detailed in bringing the Greek Gods to life and into the present day.

Time Riders By Alex Scarrow  I love Alex Scarrow and Time Riders fits perfectly into my love for science fiction. Going back in time, talking computer and many twists and turns. Brave teens been saved on the verge of death Sal, Liam and Maddie fight for survival.

Various Books By Philippa Gregory  Philippa Gregory is a historical author and has drawn me into Tudor England. She tells the stories in full detail and you feel that you are there with the characters.

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling  Inspiration and role model. The way she has brought this character to life is immense. Words cannot describe this amazing series and its creator. 


Marios Eracleous is a London based author. His first short story was recently published in Harvey Duckman Presents… Volume One, a collection of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk and Horror Short Stories. Order it here

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