Mugshot – Cold Will E.P (Pure Noise Records)

If you were thinking about checking out The Amity Affliction on their UK tour this December, but wondering why there are teeth and blood all over the venue floor, upon your arrival, then that’s because they brought in California trio Mugshot to open for them. Those Amity guys must have some serious chops, to have these guys supporting them. Now I’ll fully admit to sleeping on these guys, but believe me “Cold Will” has woken me up with a huge haymaker to the chin.

Five tracks of unrelenting brutality, kick off with “Life’s Debt” (see below) a track that tells you all you need to know about Mugshot as this track along with the rest of the E.P, deal with the state of life in the US, gentrification and racism with such savage intent, that unlike so many other bands, they actually care about this shit. If you want to stick a label on them then it’s metalcore in the vein of Harms Way or Malevolence, but there’s a groove in there that tells me that these guys are well versed in 90’s NYHC as well as a deathcore influence, which bring to mind the likes of Whitechapel.

Frighteningly heavy, ruthlessly passionate, the “Cold Will” E.P is Mugshot’s announcement as the genre’s next big hope. Catch them if you dare, on tour in the UK this December opening for The Amity Affliction….Chris Andrews

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