MuD – The Sound of the Province (THC DIY)

If Demons Run Amok era Stampin’ Ground and Hatebreed had combined their collective forces , moved to New York and honed the resulting destructive, punishing Hardcore that emerged from their union to perfection over the course of one hundred afternoon matinees at CBGB’s, the end product of that furious collaboration would have born an uncanny resemblance to The Sound of the Province. I have no idea what’s going on in the Italian Hardcore scene at the moment, but whatever it is that’s helping to shape, forge and produce incredible bands like MuD, if I could bottle it and sell it to HC kids the world over, I’d end up being able to buy my own Caribbean Island and retire in luxury.  MuD are everything that modern Hardcore should, and could, be. They’re fast, powerful, fueled by fury and their songs just make you want to dance, and sing-a-long, until you puke and then collapse in an exhausted, but happy and satiated, heap. Welcome to the Province…  Tim Cundle

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