Danny Trejo – Another Trejos\’ Night (Indelirium)

If you’re going to name your band after Machete, then you’d better be ready to bring something really special to the table.  And thankfully, Danny doesn’t have to track these Italian Hardcore loving crazies down, chop them into small pieces and make chipotle “beef” out of what’s left, because these cats really know how to bring the HC thunder.  They hit hard, hit fast and their razor sharp, sing-a-long, speedy HC will make even the most cynical old school punk rockers and aging, misanthropic Hardcore kids throw caution to the wind and hurl themselves into the nearest available pit.  Another Trejos\’ Night sounds like Comeback Kid and I Adapt ganged up on Propagandhi and Strung Out and forced them, under threat of multiple nipple twisters and an hour long assault of stop-hitting-yourself, to write their tunes for them.  Yeah, it’s that good. Danny won’t be chopping his namesakes up today, or any other day for that matter because Danny Trejo almost* certainly come with the guaranteed Machete seal of approval… Tim Cundle

*I said almost, not definitely. So if you read about me being hacked into little chunks, you’ll know I was wrong. But Danny’s a hip and happening chap, so I’m almost** sure that he’ll dig this band as much as I do.

**Yeah, I’m playing it safe. I’m not as stupid as I seem. Or look.

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