M$RDER – M$RDER (Self)

I swear, when I was listening to this demo the air began to thicken, weighed down by the smell of patchouli oil, cigarette smoke, crust punks on a bi-monthly shower schedule and weed, I could almost taste the battery acid afterglow of Barley Wine and for a second, thought I’d been pitched back to one of the many sweatbox’s that the UKHC scene used to put shows on in at the tail end of the eighties.  M$RDER, with their rapid fire, D-Beat inspired Hardcore that sounds like a head on collision between Deviated Instinct and Extreme Noise Terror are a less complicated band from a less complicated time who have arrived at our current time space co-ordinates to save the Hardcore scene from itself and the plague of hip and happening scenesters who are determined to transform it into something it was never meant to be.  They’re an old school band who do things the old school way, and they really are a much needed breath of fresh, patchouli scented Hardcore air and just like the band, the tunes on this demo are everything that Hardcore was, is and should be. Fast, short and loud…  Tim Cundle

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