Morning Again – Survival Instinct EP (Revelation Records)

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Something of an enigma, within the hardcore scene Morning Again are back with their first studio output in nearly two decades. Highly influential and revered in hardcore circles with their black/death metal riffs combined with beatdowns, built on an unwavering belief system, Morning Again were the band the straight edge and vegan kids of the 90’s could get behind. Twenty years on and with sporadic appearances here and there over the years, the now middle aged kids still bay for their return and Morning Again have listened.

They were never the best produced band, so modern techniques make the band sound as fresh and vital as ever. Reinventor kicks it all off, a mid-paced stomper examining people’s obsession with online status and celebrity and so far all is present and correct. Susina shows the band doing what they do best. Turning a Morbid Angel riff into a bruising hardcore track. Strife’sRick Rodney pops up for some vocal action on the 30 second ferocity of Backbiter. Ending with Oneself a track that brings that classic 90’s vegan straight edge hardcore feel with it and featuring Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory no less, is the perfect way to round off this E.P.

Why have ten average songs when four killer cuts will do right? It’s Morning Again as we know and love them, with a modern sound that only enhances their ferocity. If you loved them then, then you’ll love Survival Instinct, but whether they stick around long enough this time to play some serious dates and follow it up with an album remains to be seen. Here’s hoping… Chris Andrews

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