Mire – Shed (Self)

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I have had some seriously amazing metal music promos hit my inbox recently, so many that I’ve had to create a method for listening to them all without feeling like I’ve slighted anybody. Today I have worked my way to Shed by Pennsylvania band Mire. After so many years of writing reviews I frequently feel like I am repeating myself when it comes to describing and praising new albums/bands. Part of that is because people understand terms like “badass”, “brutal”, “brilliant”, and the like so I use them to let people know just how much I like/love the new music I hear. Mire is all of those and more: much more. On the journey through these six songs I was blown away by the dynamics of the songs, the crystal clear production, the absolute perfection of each instrument and the voice, and the overall feel of the band. Rarely does a new (to me) band strike such a powerful chord within me. A dozen listens from now I will still want to hear more of Mire’s new album Shed. It’s so badass, so brutal, so brilliant… Jim Dodge

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