Beginning – 1.1 (Self)

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German band Beginning has dropped a new full-length album entitled 1.1. “Why does this matter?” you may ask. Well, it matters because 1.1 is such an amazing composition of modern heavy metal that is sure to work itself into your list of favorite albums with its crushing sound and super groovy riffs. In-your-face angry growls masterfully layered over the drums, bass, and guitar simply put, make this release fun and furious. This is truly some of the best heavy metal I’ve heard all year, so great even amidst all the albums that have hit my inbox this year so far. Add into this mix a cover of Rammstein’s Engel and you get a metal album of epic proportions. While some of you may recognize 1.1, this reissue has only recently come to my attention and I’m glad it has. Now I can bury myself in its super heavy greatness. If you’re a fan of metal music, German or otherwise I strongly urge you to check out Beginning.  Jim Dodge

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