Michael’s Marvellous Mass Movement Christmas Quiz!

Dear friends!

It is the holiday season, that means, Christmas things, Hanukkah things, Solstice things…celebrate whatever you want, however you want with my full support.

However, being a totally average white dude, I celebrate Christmas, AND I am thoroughly obsessed with Christmas movies! Don’t believe me? I wrote a piece to reclassify and create sub-genres within the description “Christmas Movie” right here on Mass Movement! (read here about that here)

Every year I make a Christmas t-shirt for my family and this year I decided to make a game of it!

Hidden within the following illustration, you will find 24 references to Christmas movies or specials! Can you find them all?

Do you want to print out the quiz sheet you can!


If you are feeling stuck, I’ve highlighted the individual items here:


And last but by no means least, if you are TOTALLY defeated, you can find the answers here


I hope you enjoy being confused by this. So far, no one I know has managed to get all 24 without help? Will you be the first?



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