Michael Monroe – One Man Gang [Single] (Silver Lining Music)

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It seems to be the season for singles ahead of stonking new album releases and next out of the traps is the legendary, irreplaceable Michael Monroe. Is there anyone out there who oozes flamboyant, rock ‘n’ roll swagger quite like the enigmatic ex Hanoi Rocks main man? I think not. The man is the real deal and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon with One Man Gang, the title track from the album that’s due to land in October 2019.

During the snappy verses it’s four to the punk rock floor as Mr. Monroe quips: “you know that I ain’t Elvis or Jesus but I got a pretty face.” It’s all the fun of the fair with the Michael Monroe band sounding tighter than ever. Leather biker cap suitable doffed to Messrs Conte, Jones, Yaffa and Rockfist. The Damned’s Captain Sensible also pops up on lead guitar for this rollicking barroom blitzer. Smart!

As the chorus glams things up with a big healthy dose of P.M.A., it’s peacock strutting stuff that’s pretty hard to resist. These are turbulent modern times so thank the Lord for the Michael Monroe band and their good time rock ‘n’ roll. We need them now more than ever. Time to get excited for the album, glunk fans. The boys are back in town and the town is about to be painted lipstick red. Phwoar! Ginge Knievil

Preorders open on 9th August 2019. One Man Gang is available worldwide from 18th October 2019.

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