MediEvil – Chris Sorrell & Jason Wilson (Titan Comics)


I love it when an absolutely classic game gets a modern makeover. In this case I’m talking about the 90’s Playstation smash MediEvil which has gotten itself a fresh new audience on the Playstation 4 recently. What’s even better is that Titan Comics have chosen to accompany this with a fully fleshed out prequel comic book from the guys that brought us Sir Daniel Fortesque in the first place.

The beauty of it is you don’t necessarily need to be clued in to the game, to enjoy what is essentially a time travel romp where you meet some great characters, including hilarious cockney fairies, along the way. The book finds Sir Daniel trampling over his own timeline as he winds up in a period before he was a brave fearsome knight, where he must ensure his former, not so heroic itself prevails against the fearsome Zaroc and his army of the undead.

The story bounces off the pages and clearly Chris Sorrell and Jason Wilson have enjoyed revisiting their creation. The story relies on good old British “Ye Olde Merry England” type humour, which we are famed for in these parts, amnd playing on old British stereotypes, such as manners, bad teeth and more. The use of language is well utilized in getting the laughs across with lots of “I fink’s” and “wot I’s,” which sort of portrays all British people as being a little bit “fick” and which given recent homegrown events, I would absolutely have to concur with.

If it’s a comparison you are looking for then imagine The Nightmare Before Xmas written by Monty Python and you’d be in the right sort of ballpark. MediEvil is a fantastic way to while away an evening that features characters who I’d long forgotten about but after spending a couple of hours with now feel like old friends again. And if the game made you chuckle way back in the nineties, or if you’re looking for an innovative and original read, then you’re going to love this book…Chris Andrews

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