Master Of Horror Steve Niles Teams Up With Shannon Eric Denton and Tom Mandrake in ‘Monster Born’

A Team-Up Of Epic Proportions That Promises To Be This Halloween’s Must-Read Comic Book

Dark Horse Books presents Monster Born, a new supernatural graphic novel by Steve Niles (A Town Called TerrorCriminal Macabre), and Shannon Eric Denton (Monster Forge ProductionsArmy of the Dead) with art by Tom Mandrake (BatmanThe Spectre) and colors by Michael Atiyeh.

Amanda Lam always finds herself fighting. Humans or monsters—it’s what she knows best. Kidnapped by an undead creature as a child, she had to fight to survive and eventually fight for her freedom. Since then she has vowed to eradicate the world of the kinds of monsters that caused her so much pain. But when the mother and father she never knew die, her life becomes entangled with her family in ways more complicated than she could imagine.

Monster Born TPB collects 96 pages, measuring 6.625 x 10.1875”. It comes out from the cover of darkness and arrives in bookstores October 31, 2023 and comic shops November 1, 2023. It is now available to pre-order for $19.99 at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and your local comic shop and indie bookstore.

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Praise for Steve Niles:

A top tier monster book with a heavy, near-perfect ending.”– (Criminal Macabre/Count Crowley: From the Pit They Came)

With a tight turn of phrase and tongue often in cheek (though sometimes ripped out in a nasty and bloody way) Niles clearly is having as much as we are.”–Tripwire Magazine (Criminal Macabre: The Complete Cal McDonald Stories)

If it’s been too long since a horror comic raised your gooseflesh or bestowed a case of jimjams, you owe yourself a look at A Town Called Terror #1.”–Comics Bookcase

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