Mass Movement Video Premiere… Count to a Million – 3dBs Down

3dBs Down combine a unique three pronged interchangeable lead vocal attack with fast paced punkrockska tunes that are catchy as hell and kick you in the nuts with the heaviest of riffs when you least expect it.

If you catch them live, expect big smiles and even bigger harmonies.

Formed in Kent in 2001 the band are influenced by the likes of Rx Bandits, The Beach Boys and Smashing Pumpkins and have been described as sounding like Less Than Jake on steroids.

2021 brings the commercial release of album Get Your Retaliation in First – the bands first album in fifteen years.

Joining forces with Engineer Records to release their new album, Get Your Retilaition In First just as the band hits their 20 year anniversary, the future has never been more exciting.

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