Heart & Lung – You Wanna Know The Truth? (Red Scare)

Originally released in 2017, now that Heart & Lung have signed with Red Scare, they have seen fit to reissue this album. I for one am more than happy that they did. Heart & Lung’s debut album is/ was chock full of catchy little anthems, from sub-1 minute blasts to four minute plus epics. They are prime dabblers in the art known as pop-punk, which is a delightfully Marmite genre (for the benefit of non-UK readers – Marmite is a yeast-based spread that people either love or hate, there really isn’t a fence to sit on for this one).

These cats tick the main boxes – short, catchy tunes that bounce along with plenty of those harmony vocals and woah-oh-oh backings. But if they had been tasked with studying their craft, boy have they done their homework. Starting from the bottom up, you have a rock-solid rhythm section – those drum skins and bass strings really take a pounding. Moving onto the guitars, at times a simple melody hanging onto single notes, at other times power chords doing battle with minor chords and accompanying melodies – there is a lot to listen to. The style of music relies on good vocal lines and strong choruses, and this album has both by the bucket load. There is a depth to the songs and melodies – it’s not all bubblegum and sunshine. Dig deep and you can hear a full range of emotions, and that is where this style, and indeed Heart & Lung come into their own. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy. Tom Chapman

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