Mad Sin – Unbreakable (Century Media)

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Wow, like a bolt from the blue, Berlin psychos Mad Sin are back with their first album in something like a decade! For many years and albums totalling well into double figures, the sin-dicate have taken listeners on a merry journey into the world of Pyschobilly and far beyond, and now the carnival is back in town. As you might expect from a band of veterans from Berlin, walls are meant to be broken, and so with Unbreakable, the band is more than happy to ignore any traditional boundaries of the psychobilly genre.

They easily flip between the poppier sounds of Shine A Light or Moon Over Berlin and the harder edge of Aggression or Alles Ist Schlecht. Speaking of which, that is one of a couple of songs sung in their native German, with the rest sung in English. The album is neatly split in two with a cover of House Of Fun serving as the interval. Charge your drinks and dive back in.  A bit like Madness, Mad Sin add a lot of theatrics into their sound and look and singer Koefte is a real larger than life character. This is a welcome return – Mad Sin you have been missed! Tom Chapman

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