Mad Artwork – I Still Breathe

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Mad Artwork – I Still Breathe (Copro Records)
Interesting indeed, this band from Uppsala in Sweden have a mixture of folk, rock and classic music and that’s in one song!! It does have a bit of The Cardiacs feel to it at times with the unusual time signatures. It’s not something that I usually listen to but it’s strangely quite good and I don’t even know why I like it. Mad Artwork have everything in each song, Hammond organ, violin, recorder, Irish bouzouki (never heard of it) along with the regular drums, guitars and Bass guitar. If you’re a fan of Zappa, Yes, Led Zeppelin or Genesis then this is for you, each song lasts an average of 10 minutes with a total of 42 minutes, you could make 3 or 4 songs within one track, overall very good and great vocals from Terese Persson but would struggle to listen to this on repeat. Paul Hoddy

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