Luke Fortini – The Grand Opus


Luke Fortini – The Grand Opus CD (Casket Music)
You may know this guy as Paul Di’Anno’s guitarist..? He has cut his teeth onboard many of the worldwide stages also. He is good at what he does, and knows, but unless you are a mega fan of neoclassical rock/metal guitar virtuoso, and head over heals in love with the likes of Joe Satriani, Yngwie J Malmsteen, or the plethora of guitar gods that emerged throughout the mid/late 80s, you may find this extremely technical and emotionally moving album a little hard to handle. It’s the type of music you could open a bottle of wine to, whilst nonchalantly lazing back and listening to things drift by. It’s technically precise, with both fast paced, and poignant fretboard work showcasing the undoubted musical talents of the six-stringer. ‘Crazy Fingers’ certainly sums up the descriptive capabilities as the amount of soloing and shedding throughout the aptly titled ‘The Grand Opus’ is massively abundant. Instrumental albums are not everyone’s cup of tea but listened too when one is in the right mind-frame can be transfixing. Luke Fortini is good at what he does, and placed with the correct bunch of musicians he could be a well talked about metal guitarist. Mark Freebase

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