Loyal Until Death – Remain Defiant (1732 Records)

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Their name is a statement of intent and it’s a code, and a rule, that Loyal Until Death live by, and one that I imagine that they’d also be more than happy to die for. If you want real as a heart attack, solid as a steel rebar reinforced concrete wall and powerful as Saturn V’s main engine burn metal infused Hardcore, then you’ve come to the right place. Loyal Until Death don’t fuck around, they bring the beat-down and the stage diving, slam happy pit anthems, light up the dancefloor, hit like Mike Tyson on his best day, survey the devastation that they’ve left in their wake and then do it all over again ad infinitum. Like a heads down, see you at the head, two step fuelled combination of Turmoil and Terror, Loyal Until Death are a band that you need in your life. This is Hardcore for the faithful, for the true believers and for those of us that are still Loyal Until Death.  Testify my brothers, testify… Tim Cundle

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