Longest War – Year One CD (Blasphemour)

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Well this is something of a 90\’s hardcore wet dream. Longest War bring back the sound that bands like Indecision, Morning Again, Earth Crisis and Chokehold defined throughout the nineties. You\’ll be digging your oversized cargo shorts, headband and krishna beads out of the closet as you relive that era thanks to Longest War. Chugging guitar crunch gives way to thrashy hardcore, with harsh, rasping vocals delivering the poison. On learning that this band actually features ex members of Chokehold, Despair, Union and Slugfest among others, this becomes a lot more interesting, as essentially these are key players that were involved in creating this style in the first place. The songwriting and delivery is of the high standard you would expect and make this an excellent release, compiling their first couple of EPs onto one handy disc. Tom Chapman


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