Leathers – Twist Your Blood EP (Killing Moon Records)

Dig out your dancing shoes and talc up the linoleum, for West Country garage rock lovers Chris Mitchard and Ed Calvert are back in the game with Leathers. Formerly of the Dynamite Pussy Club, the duo have stripped things back for debut EP Twist Your Blood. I once described the Dynamite Pussy Club as The Cramps having a bare-knuckled fistfight with Jon Spencer over a can of cider in a Bristol car park. Well, it’s evident that Chris still takes vocal tips from the Blues Explosion main man, but speaking in Lux and Ivy terms, things are less Songs the Lord Taught Us and more Flamejob. Hey, that’s no bad thing.

Move gets the train a-rolling and if you want groove, you’ve got it, kool kats. Things are primitive, alright. Dipping their 20 twinkle toes into Devo territory, there’s also an early B52’s thing going on. The track lays the chugging template for the whole EP. If you demand more cowbell and floor tom, then Leathers have more than got things covered. And what’s that? You want handclaps? Got Me Working will make your palms bleed in the breakdown.

In my head, there’s a current three band bill I’d like to see. I envisage a Leathers sandwich with The Darts (US) and Oh! Gunquit. Now, that would be a Napoleon Dynamite dance-off and a half! Get down and get groovy with Leathers on record in 10 minutes flat. C’MON! Ginge Knievil


Check out Leathers here

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