Lars Frederiksen – To Victory (Pirates Press)

For some the world might have stopped turning for a little while, but the universe of Lars Frederiksen never stopped spinning. Instead, he has taken a dive back into his box of tricks to crank out some tasty solo versions of some favourite tunes by Old Firm Casuals and Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards.

When I saw this release announced I was expecting an acoustic record, but this is simply stripped back – the guitars still bring the thunder, with Lars’ vocals bringing the lightning to this particular storm. Out of the four songs from his treasure chest my favourite has to be the anthemic Motherland, where Lars really channels his inner viking.

As well as voice and guitar, the songs are amplified with occasional hints of piano and keyboard which really add depth to the sound. He has thrown a couple of cover songs into the mix. It may come as no surprise to see a UK Subs song being featured, as Lars himself strummed the six strings for those cats what seems like a lifetime ago. More interesting and less expected is his take on the Kiss track “Comin’ Home”. All in all a decent release that will keep the fans sated as they wait to see what comes next. Tom Chapman

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