Laird Barron – Swift to Chase (Journal Stone)


What would happen if H.P. Lovecraft was a writer now instead of a century ago? I think Laird Barron may be the answer. His prose is vivid and his story lines swoop and dive yet come back together in the end for a powerful climax. While there weren’t any tentacular monstrosities (that I remember at least) there were a lot of weird shenaningans and twisted characters populating this book. While the flashbacks and strange happenings are sometimes confusing Mr. Barron always brings things back together before moving to the next chapter. What a marvelous piece of bizarro fiction this is! It does leave a few questions for the readers. One is, are we just an interstellar experiment conducted by ruthless creatures with no compassion for humankind? Maybe. But that’s okay, as long as the histories are written by Laird Barron. Jim Dodge

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