La Fleur Fatale – Bound to Nowhere (Lövely Records)

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Forgive me if I’m cautious, but acid truly did a number on me all those years ago. I swear my brain is still melting at times. Also, my garden path has been known to erupt with lava and fire-breathing Venus flytraps can emerge at any given moment. Those flashbacks are very real, my friends. But enter I must into the world of La Fleur Fatale and their 21st century take on all things psychedelic. These Swedes have been on a trip since 2007 and it would seem that the influence of microdots have done them no harm whatsoever. In 2019, they are just about to drop their Bound to Nowhere E.P. and yep, you’ve guessed it, like a scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, they’re taking us on another adventure into the unknown.

It’s a minute and a half long intro on the building Suicide; keyboards plinking, organ swirling as the drums set the hypnotic pace. As the track enters full bloom, we’re staring down the barrel at a more stoned Stone Roses, if that’s even possible. Think late 80s baggy caught in a blender with the Nuggets compilation. The five minute Wasted Ghosts follows and it strums away like The Byrds with its folk stylings. Strange Flowers is a track that could easily sit on the arse-end of Super Furry Animals’ Radiator album, while E.P. closer Drift Away opens up a vast cinematic landscape that only the sacred few dare to enter.

I haven’t seen La Fleur Fatale live, but I’d guess that visuals play a big part in their performance. I envisage large screens showing slow blossoming flowers as the band push their updated sound of The Electric Prunes or The 13th Floor Elevators into new territory.

The Bound to Nowhere E.P is released on 12” vinyl with 2012’s My Dear Sorrow as the B-side. Those lovely folks at Lövely Records will also be releasing the band’s two full length albums from 2007 and 2009 on vinyl as well, so there’s lots to keep you psychedelic record lovers happy. That just leaves this disheveled rocker, in brain and body, to encourage you to take a trip with La Fleur Fatale. You never know, you might just like it… maaaaaaan. Ginge Knievil

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