Kronstadt – Kronstadt LP (Une Vie Pour Rien)

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With the release of this debut album, France once again demonstrates it is currently number one when it comes to banging out quality punk and oi! bands. Formed from the ashes of Traitre, Kronstadt take elements of the French sound both ancient and modern, as well as throwing in other punk and new wave sounds. Hints of Blitz, The Cure or early U2 add a depth of flavour to the Kronstadt sound. Fragile, trebly guitar lines lead the charge, with solid beats keeping these mid-paced songs on track. The production is very much on the lo-fi end of things and to be honest that\’s exactly what this sound needs, it would sound a bit odd if it was over-produced. The guitars are teetering on being out of tune, leaving the impression that this could easily fall apart at any second, but the result is that Kronstadt keep the listener engaged with a sense of unease. The vocals are the perfect match to the music, creating a similar mood to the likes of Syndrome 81 and believe me that is high praise. I can\’t believe I missed the fact that these dudes toured the UK with the equally amazing Litovsk, but this album is a solid consolation. All in all a really strong release and a must for fans of the French punk style. Tom Chapman

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