Kid Klumsy – The Faces Don’t Fit MCD (STP)

Strike three for Kid Klumsy, following EP releases in 2018 and 2019. I guess they like to keep their audience wanting more as here is their latest offering, a brand new six(ish) song shiny disc. There’s a little bit of everything on offer on here, and these bearded chaps (believe me, I’ve seen the latest promo photo – David Bellamy’s got nothing on this lot!) cram a lot into a short space of time, both musically and lyrically.

If I start by mentioning the opening track is called Boobs then you’ll be right in thinking there is a certain Viz style level of humour going on here… Combine that with a knack for writing a killer chorus and we’re treading similar territory to Screeching Weasel and the like.  So the American pop-punk influences are prevalent, but at times I can hear touches of classic oi! a la Business, with stomping solid beats and big backing vocals.

Possibly the biggest surprise is – raise your hand in the air and make “the horns” – some full-on metal shenanigans! Just check out Lost Art which is a well-crafted song that culminates in over a minute of full-on fret-wankery – simply glorious! Chuck a cover of Caravan Of Love into the mix, and follow that on with a superb hidden bonus song and you’ve got yourself a party right there in yer CD player! Tom Chapman

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