Kicked In The Teeth – Death Adventure 7” (Rare Vitamin)

Hot on the heels of last year’s debut album (now finally released on vinyl) here are three tasty new tunes from Cheshire powerhouse Kicked In The Teeth. Alongside bands such as Idles or Pigs x7, KITT have taken the roots of the Hardcore punk sound and shaken the fucker so hard that it becomes twisted and angular whilst retaining the original spit and sawdust. The foot is firmly on the gas pedal, in fact on this vehicle I think the brakes have been severed as they hurtle their way through each of the songs without pausing for breath.

The verses tend to be powered by a kicking beat, distorted bass, a tirade of vocals hurled at you, but with more subtle guitar work that makes the sound unique. Coming into the choruses and the guitars are fully unleashed, creating a nice wall of power. Poison Idea, Motorhead or Turbonegro are names that spring to mind. Not so much for the sound itself, but in terms of the level of energy that is involved. Kicked In The Teeth? You certainly will be after this little (death) adventure, and then some…  Tom Chapman

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