Jungle Rot – Order Shall Prevail

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Jungle Rot – Order Shall Prevail (Victory)
In a time when technically superior and highly original bands are cruising down the metal highway to hell as if there’s nothing to it, it is almost like a breath of fresh air when a band just plays heavy metal of the heaviest, most straight-­forward kind. Sodom and Unleashed have never been the bands to renew the metal scene, but they have proven to be aggressive, heavy groove machines blowing up one venue after another. Jungle Rot fits that description perfectly, while adding some additional weight with Crowbar like riffs, and crunching metalcore, not that distant from Pro­Pain. It isn’t called Neanderthal death metal for nothing, right. Don’t let that fool you though as every single song has that special thinking-­man’s twist, in both music and lyrics. Brutality for cave men and computer nerds alike! Martijn Welzen

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