Is there life on Mars for the Star Cops?

The International Space Police Force are back, fighting crime and solving cases on the red planet, in three spectacular new full-cast audio dramas from Big Finish, out today.  

David Calder, Trevor Cooper and Linda Newton reprise the roles they originated in the BBC television series in 1987. Joining them are guest stars Philip Olivier (Paul Bailey) and Rakhee Thakrar (Priya Basu).  

In this final box set, Nathan, Kenzy and Devis are on Mars, trying to establish the planet\’s first Star Cop base. But despite their efforts assisting the colonies, moves to prevent the ISPF being established are growing. Nathan suspects a conspiracy may be at work, linked to a disaster that occurred on the moon several months ago.   

  It\’s the near future, and mankind has expanded its presence in space. Maintaining law and order beyond Earth is the responsibility of the International Space Police Force, known colloquially as the Star Cops. Their leader is Commander Nathan Spring.  

The Star Cops: Mars 2 box set comprises three new adventures:   

Bodies of Evidence by Andrew Smith – On the moon, shortly before Nathan, Kenzy and Devis leave for Mars, disaster strikes when the shuttle Ganymede crash lands on the lunar surface.  

The tragedy becomes something more sinister when Priya finds dismembered bodies hidden in the shuttle. But attempts to investigate are obstructed by higher authorities on Earth.   

Before Nathan departs for Mars, he instructs Priya and Paul to investigate the crash, in defiance of his superiors’ orders. If they don’t find the evidence they need, it could be the end of all their careers.  

Human Kind by Helen Goldwyn  – A scared medic, on the run from her colony, seeks the help of the Star Cops. She offers information about a crime, but she demands legal immunity, and guarantees for her safety, before she’ll talk.  

A visitor from Earth seems particularly determined to stop the Star Cops gaining a foothold on Mars and calls a meeting of colony leaders in an attempt to end their efforts once and for all.   

When one of his officers is kidnapped, Nathan begins to wonder who he can trust on this planet.  

The Highest Ground by Andrew Smith – The conspiracy is revealed, and its leader is desperate to silence the Star Cops.   

An armed squad closes in on Nathan, his officers and their Martian allies, leading to a siege in the shadow of Olympus Mons, the highest mountain in the solar system. And a violent confrontation on its slopes.    

It’s time for some to decide where their loyalties truly lie, before it’s too late… 

Writer Andrew Smith said: “This is a proper finale to conclude the adventures of our Star Cops on Mars. The gloves are off, characters’ true motivations and alliances are revealed, and our heroes are in immediate and deadly danger.   

“I’ve loved writing these episodes, and it was a pleasure to get to wrap things up. One day, very likely within a generation, we’ll be sending people to Mars for real, and with these stories we’ve taken pains to be true to what scientists predict mankind’s presence on Mars will look like.” 

Director Helen Goldwyn added: “What’s wonderful is that Linda Newton comes over from Australia specially to do these audios, which is just incredible. The dynamic between the three originals, Linda, Trevor Cooper and David Calder, is really great to be around. There are lots of in-jokes, and it’s just like a family get together with them. There’s memorabilia in the green room with old photographs being passed around, and Trevor always wears his Star Cops t-shirts! There’s a great vibe about having those three together. 

“And of course, there’s also Rakhee and Philip, who are our fantastic new members of the crew and have slotted in brilliantly. The whole thing is a joy to direct.” 

Star Cops: Mars 2 is available now to own as a collector’s edition box set at £19.99 or download from the Big Finish website at £16.99. 

Please note that Big Finish has now re-opened its warehouse and commenced the shipping of back-orders. The mailout of collector’s edition CDs will still be delayed, but purchases of these CD titles will unlock a digital copy that can be downloaded or played on the Big Finish app immediately from the release date.  

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