Insanity Alert – 666 Pack (Season of Mist)

If, in some twisted tale of Lovecraftian thrash mystery, the collective pysches of Tankard had been copied using all manner of dark and mysterious science (that was developed in Nuclear Assault’s secret volcano lair) in ninety eighty six and were then transported across space and time and transplanted into blank vessels cloned from Municipal Waste and instructed to thrash like their lives depended on it, they’d sound exactly like Insanity Alert. 

And if I bought into, or believed in, conspiracy theory guff like chem trails, Roswell, Donald Trump being human and not a steam driven and junk food fuelled robot that was built in a basement in Hoboken in 1952 by Orson Welles*, the lizard people hierarchy and Walt Disney’s frozen head, then I might actually begin to suspect that the whole time travelling Tankard thing was true. But as I don’t, I’ll just have to thank the gods of thrash for Insanity Alert, the eighties obsessed crossover wrecking crew who have delivered an album of slam happy, mosh heavy, retro thrash classics that will make you think it’s a good idea** to instigate a solo circle pit in your living room and repeatedly “stage” dive off a window ledge on to your sofa.

 666 Pack is a twenty one track old school thrash attack that serves as a testament to the fact, and a reminder, that music was much better in the good old days.  Eighties thrash ruled.  Insanity Alert know it and so will you after you’ve slammed an afternoon or two away to 666 Pack… Tim Cundle

*Yeah, you’re right I just made that up. It was actually Laurel and Hardy who built the Don-Bot.

** It really isn’t, trust me, I know what I’m talking about. 

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