Immension – In Vain

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Immension – In Vain CD (SaNpr)
Instantaneous comparisons of Trivium, In Flames, and latter day Metallica immediately spring to mind. This band are heavy, and have the riffs, they have the melodies and hooks, and a pace that encompasses a gentle thrash groove – it’s a pleasure to say this trio are from England. The energy in their precision playing creates positive drive, and at times the vocalist could pass for Mr Hetfield himself. Great production benefits the entirety of ‘In Vain’ but then again you’d expect nothing less than perfect from Russ Russell would you? I’m sure these guys will appeal to a lot of people if the correct exposure is given. For a debut album from a new UK band not bad at all, it’s impressive, but lacks a modest crunch (…only in my hardcore/thrash metal humble opinion). Mark Freebase

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