Ignite – Ignite (Century Media)

Praise the punk rock gods. Ignite are back. After finding themselves without a frontman in 2019 after long time frontman (and what a frontman) Zoli Teglas decided to explore his rock sensibilities, the band were in something of a limbo. Although bassist Brett Rasmussen insists “there was never any question about whether we would continue” the world then fell into a Covid filled nightmare. This proved to be the fuel that the band needed to find a new vocalist capable of filling those big shoes and come back with all guns blazing. And boy have they found a voice in Eli Santana, who was known for his skills on a fretboard more than his throat in previous bands Huntress and Holy Grail. Which brings us to 2022 and a brand spanking new collection of soaring hardcore punk and their sixth album Ignite.

It’s everything you could want from an Ignite album. Fast catchy as hell, sing-a-longs teamed with deep thoughtful lyrics, with the occasional nod to the melancholy and sombre. Anti-Complicity Anthem comes flying at you first of all with a fire in it’s belly that exorcises the frustration that modern life throws at us and from then on you are left with no doubt that this is a band back at the top of their game. More political dissatisfaction is vented on the The River and while the spiky punk rock riffing of The Butcher In Me sprinkles some gorgeous melodic parts over the top, you’ll never tire of the straight up hardcore anthem that This Day will become. Let The Beggars Beg, sees the band at their most reflective almost diving into post hardcore territory, before a raging After The Flood brings things to a close.

Make no mistake about it, Ignite is a statement. It screams “We’re back” to all of the doubters and naysayers. Ignite have returned with an album that can easily compete with anything in their considerable, and incredible back catalogue… Chris Andrews

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