Daredevil: Lockdown – Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne, Mario Checchetto, Stefano Landini & Manuel Garcia (Marvel)

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With Chip Zdarsky at the helm, you know Daredevil is in good hands. Continuing his Eisner Award nominated run with Hells Kitchen’s finest, Lockdown may just be his best work yet.

With Matt Murdock still behind bars, Elektra continues her stint as Daredevil, but is in dire need of assistance. With the bodies piling high, due to a succession of particularly gruesome murders and a killer who can seemingly be in several places at once, the city is in a state of emergency, but luckily the Big Apple can boast more superheroes per square mile than any other city in the world, so some familiar faces are on hand to tag in. Having problems of his own in the slammer, Matt Murdock is exposed to a chemical turning him into a violent aggressor, which looks to be part of a bigger plot to get rid of our hero once and for all.

In typical Zdarsky style, Lockdown charges along at a killer pace, with the action coming thick and fast, but not at the expense of an excellent story. Bringing Zdarsky’s vision to life is no mean feat, but long time Daredevil team of Marco Checchetto, Mike Hawthorne, Stefano Landini and Manuel Garcia do another stellar job in popping the story off the pages in vivid detail.

Daredevil: Lockdown if nothing else, tells us that some of the best MCU stories may yet to be told and lie within our street level heroes. An astonishing book that will leave you gasping for more… Chris Andrews


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