If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Walla Walla: The Wacky History Of Adrenalin O.D. (Paperback) – Dave Scott Schwartzman (DiWulf Publishing)

The ‘Kings of New Jersey Thrash’, Adrenalin OD were one of the few bands to inject a large dose of humour into their lyrics at a time when Hardcore often veered between po-faced seriousness and mindless machismo. AOD drummer Dave Scott Schwartzman captures that humour to great effect in this comprehensive history of the band, his writing pacey and economic, mirroring the bands’ songs.

Schwartzman sets the scene with his own introduction into Punk/Hardcore scene and his formative years in the Dead Boys influenced East Patterson Boys Choir, before their gradual evolution into Adrenalin OD, including an account of their debut gig in Clifton High School in 1981.

A significant chunk of the books reads like a career long tour diary, detailing the bands most significant gigs (including shows at CBGB, The Anthrax, Mabuhay Gardens and 924 Gilford Street), and their more extensive jaunts – 1984’s Invite Ourselves tour and 1985’s Such A Lovely tour where AOD gigged with Dead Kennedys, Neon Christ, COC, DRI, Battalion of Saints, Poison Idea, NOFX, SNFU and Nuclear Assault. In fact just think of any of the main players from the 80s Hardcore scene and AOD played with them. From the lows of Flynn’s Ocean Front in Miami for which the bands’ song ‘Bugs’ seems rather prophetic, to the highs of an outstanding bill at the Satyricon in Portland, the author conveys surreal tales of pooping in a bath and burning pictures of Bon Jovi while tripping on Acid in San Francisco’s Half Moon Bay. In typical AOD style the gig from which this books gets its title barely gets a mention!

If It’s Tuesday…’ doesn’t just cover AODs’ touring shenanigans though, Schwartzman also details the bands releases from the ‘Let’s Barbeque’ 7” to the bands final full length release ‘Ishtar’ and the relatively few line-up changes the band underwent during their career (with bass playing duties shifting from Jack Steeples and Keith Hartnell, and guitar duties swapping from Jim Foster to Bruce Wingate)    There’s a ton of interesting personal pics from the bands existence along with merch, gig flyers and a comprehensive discography. A recommended read and a real labour of love by DiWulf publishing. Good job all round. Ian Pickens                                         

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