I Fight Bears – S/T (Lost Generation Records)

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I don’t know what it is about Bridgend, but every few years it seems to spew out a new bunch of angry young men, hell bent on taking the metal world by storm and quite often succeeding, take a bow Funeral For A Friend and Bullet For My Valentine. 2018’s contenders are I Fight Bears. Taking influence from such bands as Parkway Drive, Lamb of God and early Avenged Sevenfold, these five boys from Bridgend aren’t messing about. This used to be called metalcore, but I’m old and have no idea what subgenre this would fall into now, so I’ll let Kerrang! pigeon hole them. I’m just gonna say it’s fucking good. With ten songs of crushing riffs, machine gun drumming and ferocious vocals mixed with clean vocals, they are ready to carry on the legacy started by those aforementioned bands. Taking a good old fashioned DIY approach to their recording is an admiral choice, although Michael “Padge” Paget from BFMV was roped in for a bit of studio assistance, but other than that the boys can be happy that this is all their own work. A belter of a debut that showcases all that is good about modern metal. These boys are on the cusp of something and next year should be a very interesting for them..…Chris Andrews

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