I Am Noah – Final Breed (Bastardized Recordings)

Germany’s I am Noah return to the fray, after their 2016 debut album The Verdict with an EP full to the brim of anger and political vitriol. Final Breed sees the band, who now find themselves at the forefront of the German metalcore scene, in devastating form and more focused than ever.  It was said to me, when Donald Trump came into power, that the one good thing we can look forward to , is some seriously pissed of music. Tired of political injustice, tired of religious/racist divides, Final Breed is one of those records.

The bands secret weapon is their drummer, Marius. He’s one of those drummers that annoy the hell out of me and I say that in my capacity as a jealous drummer because this guy has faster feet than Cristiano Ronaldo and adds real weight to each track with some superb double bass skills. That’s not to take away from the rest of the band mind. Vocalist Soren has a ferocious throat that had me reaching for a packet of Lockets, just listening to him. If I was to make comparisons and lord knows, I like to, then I Am Noah very much remind me of As I Lay Dying or August Burns Red, metalcore that leans more to the core side of things. To my shame, off hand I can only name three other German metal/hardcore bands (Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn and the mighty Rykers for those are interested) but now I have another to add to my list. I am not Negan. I am Noah………Chris Andrews

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