I Am Revenge – Violencer (BDHW)

While I’m not a gym-rat or into the whole chest beating, machismo thing and I’m not from the ‘hood (or any other ‘hood for that matter), I am rather fond of heavier than the core of Dwarf Star metalcore that thrives on chugga-chugga riffs, the occasional guitar squeal, guttural vocals, fast and furious double kick drums and multiple beat-downs. And I Am Revenge specialise in all of those things, pushing each of them to the forefront of their latest heavy-core masterpiece Violencer. If Malevolence were obsessed with Stampin’ Ground and had dedicated their musical career to writing ode after ode to the long departed lords of UK metal-core, they’d be I Am Revenge. Angrier than the Hulk after a week-long caffeine binge, I Am Revenge hammer each song on Violencer home with same sort of brutal precision that Mike Tyson used to reserve for his opponents and sound like they’d rather chop your head off than hang out and discuss the minutia of in scene politics. Get down with your bad selves and get you some hardcore, I Am Revenge style…  Tim Cundle

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