Hunting Lions – Dark 12″ (Pirates Press Records)

I would like to start this review the lazy way – fans of 45 Adapters, Old Firm Casuals and Cock Sparrer sit up and take note. Those bands have one thing in common – anthemic vocals and rabble-rousing choruses, and Hunting Lions feature those by the bucketload. However, those are just starters for ten. As this record goes on, they start to flex musical wings in other directions and kick things up a notch. In particular, on the blistering BNO where they put the pedal to the metal and blast into the sunset.

The whole record has a warm feeling through the addition of an organ that adds more depth and dimension as well as making the songs stand out. Lyrically there is a nod to the darker side of modern life, The City and Dead Generation are eulogies to the gentrification of their home town San Francisco. Just to add a little footnote – Hunting Lions features a star-studded line of veterans from bands like Swingin Utters, Roadside Bombs, The Beltones and more, so get on board as quickly as you can to see what’s cooking in that hot Bay Area musical pot. Tom Chapman

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