Homer – Loved Loss (Funtime)

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Punk rock has got to be in your blood if you keep on going for 17 years, forever improving, whilst keeping things in your own hand. Homer has never compromised, but also made sure to steer away from those smelly, stagnant waters in which so many artists have quite literally drowned. ‘Loved Loss’ isn’t as nicely cut as the gem stone on the cover as there are so many edges to make you bleed, probably to see if the ingredients of punk are also coursing through your veins. It isn’t about physical pain, Homer is much more about what is in your heart. Much like humans every song has its own character and can jump from the best lover to the most scary predator, within a second. It make this release the band’s best, most diverse and original record to date. Where else can you get a Therapy?-Refused-Helmet fix. Martijn Welzen

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