Heavy Seas – Distortion Days (Little Rocket)

Back in the early 90s, Quicksand (who arguably took their cues from Fugazi) pioneered a new musical direction for many hardcore bands, slowing things down and adding some indie touches whilst keeping the sound abrasive. So many bands like Handsome or Shift followed and it’s a style that’s been popular ever since, but surprisingly, not many new(er) bands get on board.

Enter Heavy Seas with Distortion Days and I’m transported right back to that time and place. Heavy, swirling guitars compound with pounding drums and hypnotic basslines to create a solid base. Jeff Dean (The Bomb, Airstream Futures, All Eyes West)’s vocals are perfectly suited as they ride over the top. What makes bands in the genre fascinating is that they can write super catchy vocal lines that are very far removed from the standard verse-chorus approach.

Heavy Seas have tuned into that beautifully Throw in some touches of someone like Trusty or Burning Airlines (interestingly J. Robbins of BA produced this album) and you’re starting to get to closer to what is going on here.

Although on the surface it might come as a surprise to learn that half of Airstream Futures form two-thirds of Heavy Seas, you can hear some of those more drawn-out passages that AF also indulges in from time to time. Tom Chapman

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