Heavy metal horror themed John Carpenter worshipers Video Nasties announce new album on APF Records…


Since 2017, something has been lurking in the shadows around Merseyside, snarling from the unseen corners with a piercing horror-metal atmosphere; that something is Video Nasties, and they\’re ready to strike with their moral-panic inducing heaviness.

Comprised from members from some of Liverpool\’s finest heavy exports in The Bendal Interlude, SSS, Magpyes and Iron Witch,  the quintet that is Video Nasties mix death metal with punky and thrashy undertones, creating something morbidly macabre and devilishly debauched.

Recently signed to the label – on Halloween 2019 no less – Video Nasties finally bring their reign of terror to APF Records. Set to unleash their debut full-length Dominion on Friday 13th March (of course) on all good formats – LP, CD, cassette and digital – Video Nasties are content to lurk no more; get ready for their slasher soundtrack to rip your eardrums to pieces soon.

Drone Eagle is the first taster to be shared, described by bassist Rick Owen as a song about, ‘Armageddon. We’re going to hell in a hand basket, baby and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. A demise driven by power, greed and corruption.\’

Speaking on the album the  Rick adds, \’There’s a lot of John Carpenter worship on Dominion. All of his scores are amazing. We tried to capture that same 80s Carpenter vibe with a lot of the melodies on the album. If you imagine taking Sepultura, Carcass and Entombed as main influence and then lacing it with the hooks of John Carpenter, The Cure, The Cult… Killing Joke etc. even through to the likes of Dead Kennedys and T.S.O.L. Big post punk, goth, rock influences in there.\’

With two single releases to their name prior to joining the ranks of APF – Halloween 2017\’s TRANSVOLTUM and 2018\’s Viva Deth (taken from their 2018 album demo) – Video Nasties have already set the scene with a grizzly black \’n\’ roll. A chunky instrumental section, complemented by the punishing tones of Damian Von Talbot on vocals, makes for a uniquely morbid vibe, hung on a background of grainy, retro-dread aesthetic. May 2019 saw them bring that chilling aura to Desertfest London, as they took over The Black Heart stage, playing a barnstorming set to a room packed out with victims of their blackened tones.

Pre-order ‘Dominion’ on CD, vinyl, cassette and digitally here

Upcoming Video Nasties shows:
31st Jan – Alma Inn, Bolton (free entry) 

14th March – Sound Food and Drink, Liverpool (album launch show)

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