Havok – Conformicide (Century Media)


It’s been almost four years since the last record from this Colorado quartet appeared, but the wait was well worthwhile. Those that witnessed the severe thrashing dished out at last year’s Download Festival knew what was coming… It is without a doubt a full-scale thrash metal assault. With his snarly rasp, and piercingly sharp vocal delivery, David Sanchez addresses serious issues concerning the current state of our globally unhinged mess of a society. Un-afraid to talk straight during album opener F.P.C. (presumably Fuck Political Correctness), the savage deliverance of “Political correctness… a social disease!” compounded by the closing mantra “Fuck P.C!”.  Dogmaniacal and Intention to Deceive continue to stir up the hornet’s nest and create food for thought by aggressively ramming the point home. Early Megadeth bitterness and the Euro thrash of old school Kreator and Tankard are the order of the day in the brutal, thrash cocktail of Conformicide. That said, the funky bass and technical precision of Inqsoc adds a welcome, and slightly unexpected, touch of class to proceedings. Havok have the songs, memorable choruses, and enough hooks to catch, and draw in, even the most unsuspecting thrasher. Just like their predecessors in thrash destruction did… Mark Freebase

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