Hark – Machinations (Season of Mist)


Have you ever had one of those ‘Holy Shit’ moments when the mist fades and you suddenly start to see the world with absolute clarity? You know, what I’m talking about. Those brief intoxicating fractions of time when you can see all of the invisible connections, the cogs that whirr and gears that mesh in order to keep the countless biological and natural systems that fuel the world running in perfect synchronicity. Yeah, those moments. That’s what listening to Machinations is like. It allows you, thanks to its seamless fusion of Clutch, Sabbath, St. Vitus, Iron Butterfly and early seventies progressive rock, to see the spaces between spaces and in an instant, one that stretches out to infinity while hurtling past in a split second, to see, feel  and know how the Universe and everything in it works. It’s an incredible experience, and believe me folks this isn’t just a record that you listen to (which you’ll want to, time and time again. Listen to that is), it’s one that you experience. And once you have experienced it, much like acid soaked crack, you’ll want to do it over and over again. Throw open the doors of perception, embrace all of time and space and lose yourself in Machinations… Tim Cundle

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