Harem Scarem – Thirteen


Harem Scarem – Thirteen CD (Frontiers)
Cunningly titled, one would never come to guess that as the album suggests, this is the bands thirteenth original studio album… What is pleasingly predictable though is the quality of classic commercial melodic rock that sits on this rejuvenated, refreshed, and revitalised ten-song album. Slick, contagious guitar riffs and addictive hooks which keep the momentum of the accessible tone rolling, the melodious vocals (even with their slight edge of coarseness), and the song’s big choruses and verse lines – making the entirety of ‘Thirteen’ as detailed as the cover artwork suggests. Encompassing all the aspects which bought the Canadians to the attention of so many people around two decades ago. ‘Thirteen’ boasts timeless rock tunes that captivate an audience full of 80’s nostalgia whilst standing strong amongst today’s momentous outputs. What we have here is some up-tempo vintage quality as this is thinking man’s rock; yet something the ladies are guna love also. Mark Freebase

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