Hangman – A Vile Decree 7” (Flatspot)

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I have no idea what they’re putting in the Kool Aid in Long Island, but whatever it is that’s putting the gas in the tank of hardcore heavy hitters, Hangman I want some. Energy, aggression and the sort of tunes that you can sing-a-long to while whipping up a frenzy in the pit are the staple ingredients of Hangman’s Madball meets Born to Expire era Leeway  Hardcore that puts an extra spring in your step and just makes you want to bounce. With a nineties NYHC feel, an eighties CBGB’s spirit, a thoroughly modern outlook and slightly retro sound, Hangman are the total HC package and A Vile Decree has smashed its way into my top twenty records of the year. Now gimme some of that Long Island Kool Aid… Tim Cundle

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